Which SEO Factors aren’t THAT Important after All

Which SEO Factors are not important to focus on them.

SEO seems like a never-ending process for businesses and website owners. Most business owners have a wide variety of business activities to tend to, so SEO considerations are simply not on the top of the priority list. It is a fact that SEO is a very active field of consideration, and SEO factors are always changing.

The fact that SEO factors are so numerous and are always changing can actually be a good thing because some of them become less relevant and website owners can focus their attention elsewhere. In this text we will mention some of the SEO factors that are not as important as some people believe. This means that business owners can focus more on other SEO elements to improve their business standings online.

High ranking isn’t that important for SEO!

Although it is good to be on the first few pages of search results for certain keyword(s), this isn’t the measure of business success. The fact that website is high in search results when people search for certain keywords, doesn’t mean that business is successful and that people will spend more money on that website.

It is important to find out which keywords bring most profit. One can verify this causal line through so-called multi-channel funnels. Multi-channel funnels verify that certain keywords bring profit, so they are very useful tool for determining which keywords website must use to achieve profit.

Numerous quality agencies have already transferred to new and fresh ways to measure the efficiency of their SEO services and have “broken the ice” with their clients in establishing new standards and new expectations. Measuring the success of an SEO campaign according to the website position on search engines is just like measuring the success of an AdWords campaign by the CTR.

The content of the website is much more important – but if no one sees it, it will not achieve any success. Google follows history (and much more) to provide relevant results for their users.

Choosing the Best Domain

There are numerous Top Level Domains (TDLs) these days, especially in business areas such as traveling, technology, clothing, etc. Even if it might seem that fresh and new TDLs have better rankings than older ones, this is actually not true because algorithms on search engines “see” all TDLs equally. This means that an incredibly creative and smart domain will not be the key for a business’ online success in SEO terms.

In the past, giving the advantage to certain top level domains caused problems because quite often those high in search results were domains that led to websites of very poor quality – websites where content was scarce, copied or irrelevant. This is why Google in 2012 began to apply new guidelines in page ranking that had the intention to push down the position of top level domain websites. Right after this Google move, the ranking of many top level domains went down steeply. This is why so many SEO experts consider that top level domains will have less and less importance in the future.

SEO Press Releases

Once upon a time, Press Releases were considered very important for website optimization, but this isn’t the case these days. Yes, it is ok to write and publish press releases and improve your website ranking on search engines, but this isn’t something that should take too much time for anyone who is seriously considering website marketing and Search Engine Optimization. Press Releases are somewhat relevant and one should publish them once in a while when there is something relevant to write about.

Regular updates of algorithm

Updating the algorithm is something that is good to work on, but not something to focus on primarily. Ever since Google in September 2014 presented their new algorithm named Hummingbird, there have been numerous discussions on what is important for website Search Engine Optimization. For example, one of the key parameters before the new Hummingbird algorithm application was Page Rank, which is now just one of the SEO factors to be considered when working on Search Engine Optimization.

Link building

This is another factor for SEO marketing that shouldn’t be entirely focused on. Link building is important, but it should be worked on naturally by creating interesting material and website content for users to read and share.

However, organic link building is a difficult task, probably one of the most difficult SEO optimization tasks. Back linking is losing its importance; however, it is still one of the relevant elements of content quality, especially if coming from similar content websites.

It is evident that content is what is important – its relevance for visitors and the result of this will be a number of links from other websites and blogs. Many websites have discovered that link building contributes to SEO success. This will be even more evident if these links are coming from different locations.

Previously, the mere number of links had much higher value, but as time passes, its importance is conditioned with the fact that search engines know how to value the quality of the link. Tactics such as viral link bating campaigns, badges and widgets can be efficient in generating numerous links and are definitely something that search engine representatives suggest.

It is good to know what NOT to worry about when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. Instead, one will have more time to focus on what is actually important to get more results.