Tips to improve SEO ranking of your website (Part2)

How to improve SEO Ranking of  Your Website on Google.

In a follow-up to an earlier article how to improve SEO ranking of your website (Part1), today I am going to spend a bit more time helping with the understanding of other useful SEO tips:

1. Using search engine Site Map.

Site map is a useful source of optimizing your website according to standards of search engine optimization. It is especially designed for pages which are not found in search engines. You can easily create customized site map but be sure it will not guarantee that your web pages will be listed in Google search results.

2. Checking Robots.txt file.

Robots.txt file is another essential part of your SEO that makes your website respectable and enable Google to follow the format of that special file. Experts of SEO Republic will give you command to permit search engines to go with the file. You can even block access of search engines to specific parts of your site.

3. Adding ALT tags on pictures.

SEO Republic will always recommend you to add ALT tags with pictures you will add on your website. ALT tags are basically used to describe pictures so that they can also be optimized. This is because all search engines only understand words, they do not react against images but results will become more effective when you start to add ALT tags with your pictures.

4. Selecting an experienced SEO worker.

There are two main disadvantages of using backlinks to rank a certain website. First of all, almost every website owner has hired SEO workers to crowd their websites with millions of backlinks. Such service providers have certain bunch of websites which they normally use in order to create links for their clients (this create similarities with different sites, even though they are not actually linked with one another). Second demerit lies is Google reaction to such links where it has authority to discredit links and penalize the websites that are already paying an amount against their services.
However, with SEO Republic, you will not meet any of such problems because we do not believe in providing sub-standard services. We will create 100% original and quality backlinks according to the nature of your website and will influence Google (with our work) to increase the rank of your site.

5. Do not add Meta keyword tags.

The Google has recently changed their regulations for SEO and removed meta keyword tag requirements for every website available on the internet. SEO Republic has knowledge about it and therefore, we will not be considering it as part of our work. You would think why we are talking about it? Well, we have come across with a number of clients who complained that they hired service providers previously who were talking about Meta keywords tag. Those SEO Toronto workers not only caused them to suffer a loss in terms of ranking but also forced Google to block their websites for a certain time period.

6. Google and Dynamic Pages.

With dynamically created pages, Google will index your site effectively on its search results as long as those links are available on any of the pages. This way, you will not have to consider changing your generated links.

7. Disabling caching will not influence your web page rank.

There was a misconception that Google used to penalize such websites that restrict it from caching their web pages. However, Google denied this fact and declared that disabling caching does not affect ranking of web pages.

8. Do not consider page rank from the Google’s toolbars.

Page Rank shows the importance of your web page on the internet. Nowadays, Page Rank is used to calculate effective of website’s online presence. Experts of Google clarified that website owners should not focus on the Page Rank because Google’s toolbar does not has any benefit for Search Engine Optimization now.

Article by Alex Berestyuk