The Most Common Website Mistakes You Could Be Making

Common Website Mistakes and how to avoid them.

For most entrepreneurs who are strapped for cash or just starting out, building your own website seems like the quickest and easiest approach, with the intention of hiring a web designer further on down the line to improve the overall ‘feel’. However, what these entrepreneurs should remember is that a first impression of your business is key, and will set the tone for building up and attracting additional customers. Visitors to your site will notice any of those tiny details you may miss- this is where the experience of a professional designer will pay dividends. With the internet allowing easier than ever access to not only your company, but those rivals too, the key focus needs to be on ensuring your business not only stands out, but makes the customer want to choose yours above another. Those initial moments when browsing a site create a first impression which can be enough to make or break a potential sale! Here are a few common website mistakes that may have found their way into your website design.

Improper use of template

Websites usually have a common issue when it comes to pre-designed templates. Usually the hosting site offer either poor or more basic visual aspects or user experience. Nothing is generally wrong with making savings with brand development packaging. However, these are, in most cases, given a less than favourable selection of colours, fonts or styles that don’t necessarily fit with the look you are aiming to achieve. Avoid this common website mistake within your website by ensuring the correct template to suit your business needs.

Using the default bootstrap look

Bootstrap design for a company website is a commonly used approach in start up, but may have some disadvantages. It can, at times, be difficult to tell the difference between sites who use the same web style and is a website mistake for the brand that who trying to attempting to stand out from the competition. Font Awesome is one giveaway of bootstrap design use based on the out and out, all embracing library. The consistency coincides with the visual language but a more detailed icon design is a better choice to push the main points of sale.

Typography Contrast Issues

Despite what many designers believe, fonts are incredibly important and this is one common website mistake which has the ability to make or break the entire website. There’s more to a font than just the letters they present, and selecting a user friendly, accessible font can help you to avoid a key website mistake in how you present the all important copy. Trying out bolder fonts for the header is a good method of highlighting what is to following the subsequent information. This will assist the reader in absorbing the information from the text without being overwhelmed or confused, and allow larger amounts copy to be easier on the eye.

Using Dark Backgrounds

Being the largest part of the website, the background colour should be chosen carefully. It is an unwritten rule in the world of web design that websites which are totally black, in most cases, never look commendable. Some designers prefer to choose white as a safe colour, whilst other prefers a lighter grey. In some instances, however, this tends to mess with the legibility of black letters on such a back ground.

Designing your own website for your business can be an important and worthwhile step towards growing and developing your target audience. By following these few simple ideas, you can be sure of avoiding the most common website mistakes you could be making, and greatly improving your chances of online success!