Steps to take if Google penalizes your website

What to do if Google penalizes your website.

If traffic to the website has gone low, one must try and find out every possible reason behind it before jumping to a conclusion. It is not necessary that low traffic towards the website is a result of penalization by Google. It could be possible that there has been a change in search trends which might have decreased the ranking of your website. Other than that if Google actually penalizes your website, there are solutions to the problem given here.

If you find out that your website was penalized by Google, there is no need to panic and take drastic actions. Just find out what the real problem is and try to fix it so that you can get back on Google’s friendly list all over again. The severity of the problem will determine what the situation is and how to go about fixing it.

Here are some common reasons why websites might get penalized by Google and some solutions to fix these problems.

  • A lot of different links from irrelevant websites can cause quite a problem for the website. The backlinks within your website have to be relevant because irrelevant websites being linked to yours can cause a decrease in traffic and affect its SEO ranking. It’s the quality of the backlinks that is important more than the quantity and the number of backlinks you have won’t matter if they are not relevant. You must also ensure that the links found within your website are not from other such websites which have been penalized by Google or carry prohibited content.
    The first step to follow after discovering irrelevant links within your website is, to visit these particular pages. Try and find out the contact information which can give you access to the website’s owner or management team. You can then ask them to remove their website’s link from yours. If they refuse to do that, you can even send a legal notice their way.

After all that, if nothing works and there are still some links which cannot be taken down, use Google’s Webmaster Tools and disavow all such links. Remember to only use this tool for links that cannot be removed.

  • You might have content similar to that of another website or your keywords may be matching with some other site on Google. If such is the case, then Google can list it as spam even if your content was original and well written.
    Try putting in a few pages with quality content rather than a number of pages with repetitive material. Having a few unique links are better than different ones all leading to similar pages which hardly anybody wants to share or read. Put in material that people will find interesting and has the potential to go viral on social media rather than something that users will skip through.

There are a few simple ways to do this; you can summarize all the content that is similar in one page instead of laying it out over multiple ones, also you can remove the irrelevant material and if not that, then you can try blocking the unwanted content through the robots.txt file.

  • You may not be monitoring the content properly and some posts with spam content might have passed on to the blog. This usually happens in forums, blogs, message boards or any kind of user generated website.
    All you have to do is try and monitor the content being posted very carefully and block any kind of spam posts that may be coming in. If the spammy content has already been posted, then all you can do is prevent it from being indexed and wait for some high quality pages to replace the low quality ones. Once you have the desired content posted, you can index it back again and remove the unwanted content through the robots.txt file.

These are a few steps that a person should take in case their website was penalized by Google or hire a SEO company like SEOREPUBLIC which can help you to remove penalty from Google.

Now there are also some things which people should avoid when such a scenario is presented.

  • Stop creating any more links.
  • Find out the reason behind the penalization and start working on the website differently.
  • Think and wait for some time before sending out a reconsideration letter.