Free Friday:How to Convert your web site Visitors Into your Customers

Convert web site Leads Into your Customers.

The average Internet user spends a lot of time on the Net searching the information, so it’s impossible to draw them towards traditional advertising. Now, online shoppers do not buy impulsively but study the features of products they are interested in. This increases the pressure on site owners to look for a shot ways of attracting Visitors to their sites and convert them into regular Customers.  has put together certain recommendations to help you to convert your web site’s Visitors into the Customers, which in turn, will lead to the increase in

They are:

1. The winning first impression
At first glance, are visitors to the web  site interested enough to stay on and read through your useful and interesting information? Do they trust the site or not? A good web site will present such a good and presentable first look of your company that your visitor will have a good impression of it. This is very important whether users remain on a particular web site for a long time or leave it immediately.

Therefore, web site design is extremely important. The site should be designed that it does not combine a few colors randomly along with Flash animation or this will only prevent readers from reading articles on your site completely. To facilitate easy reading, use bulleted lists, headers, sections and sub-sections and highlight important points.

2. Harmonious interplay of all web site design elements
All web sites design elements should be in harmony with each other and do not divert the attention of the reader from the main information.The thumb rules for site design should be followed: one layout design strictly for the Home page, followed by a common design for all other pages and another layout design for a page with a contact form for users.

Take the help of professional web designers to select images for your web site because they convey a hidden meaning to your site’s users. Try to use images of real people for greater authenticity.

3. Easy and quick site navigation
To keep your web site’s users interested, you need to provide them a quick and easy site navigation tools. If they are looking for information or a product, they must be able to find it really fast. If this takes them very long time , they are very likely to leave your web  site and never return back.

It also makes better sense not to use Flash and JavaScript for navigation as they only complicate the search.

4. Targeted content
If you have a commercial web site, your first task is to attract customers. The placement of the text should motivate them to make a purchase or order a service and explain why they should buy the necessary goods on your site.

Your quality content should be so targeted that they answer these questions:

  • What does your Company do?
  • What page is the reader on and what is its heading?
  • What is the call to action for the reader after reading a particular page?
  • Why do they need to subscribe / make a bid / buy from this web site and not from any others?

5. Offer value
Offer a greater value to your readers, publish user tutorials, videos and textbooks of your area of experts and recommend the books or links as useful resources. This will bring in a loyal band of visitors to your site who know that they get more value for their purchases, and this might prompt them to recommend your web site to their friends. By using a problem-solving approach, you can prove to be more useful to your readers and keep them returning back to your site again.

6. Become a blogger
Create a blog for an informal discussion with your site users. Use this platform to publish not just articles but also images, audio, games, videos, etc. Blog – generator pages with fresh content, therefore attracts more traffic and quality interesting blog also helps to gain credibility in your industry.

7. Give reasons for customers to trust you
Prospective customers are always evaluating competitive web sites. For purposes of authenticity, collect the maximum number of genuine customer reviews about your site, with user names, photos and phone numbers. Fake reviews are easy to spot, so don’t include them.

8. Buy! Order now! Contact us today! Call now
Have you read these commands on any web sites?  For instance, when you tell them “Buy now” or “Order now,” it means that they have checked out your products and are contemplating buying. Your commands prompt them to complete that action. “Contact us today” asks them to get in touch with you but now you can also offer your users something valuable when they do this such as an e-book or a subscription to an e-newsletter.

And, your commands should be clickable and enabled. Use bright colors, innovative shapes and different locations on your page to build as many clicks as possible and to see what fetches you the maximum number of clicks. You can achieve all of this to get a high ranking on major search engines by using the recommended services of a professional and reliable SEO agency like