Free Friday: Search Engine Optimization

Tips for improving Google Ranking – search engine optimization tips.

If you had one wish for your website, what would it be? Odds are, it would be “higher rankings on Google™”

I’m asked over and over what the secret is. There is no secret, it’s honest, hard work that gets companies higher search engine rankings.

If you buy a car, you expect that you have to take it in for oil changes every 3 months, so why do so many business owners have websites that haven’t been updated in more than a year? Is your car more important to you than your business?

Put a regular appointment into your calendar – once a week, once a month or every 3 months – revise the content on your website. Freshen up some of the photos, rewrite some of the text. It doesn’t have to take more than an hour, two if you haven’t updated in some time.

Google and other search engines want to promote websites and webpages that have lots of fresh, relevant content. If your website is “stale” it is going to have a harder time showing up on the first page of results.

Here are some quick tips for you if you don’t know where to start:

Add links to 3 or 4 news or industry publication articles that relate to your business or product – but make sure you describe/introduce the link.

Add a customer testimonial – make sure you ask their permission to use their name on your website.

Add a photo gallery and include short descriptions of each photo – you might have to talk to your website design company about this one, or you might just be able to add 2 or 3 pictures within an existing page and include a caption below each.