Free Friday: How To Be # 1 In Search Engine Rankings

Search Engine Rankings #1

To be the first in life is the desire that has plagued us since childhood, to be the first in class, sports or school. In later life, this desire moves on to a higher plane where we yearn to be the first in having the best car, a larger house or an enviable designation at work or just more money than anyone else.

This growth cycle of higher, sustainable and greener is an area where companies and individuals are fighting for the top space in the search engine rankings of Google, Yahoo and Bing.

When we search for something on the Internet, we almost always choose the results that we see on page 1 of the search engines’ rankings. According to statisticians’ estimates, the Net surfer usually clicks on 30%-40% of all clicks in the first place; and then a move on to clicking 20%-22% of the second; and lastly, 18%-23%.This is his so-called “level of confidence.”

Companies all over the globe are involved in the race to be the first in the Search Engine Results in Google, Bing and Yahoo. Why is this so important? It is a very simple answer. The higher your web site’s ranks are in Google, the more customers click on your web site and the greater your income.

By now, you have to be familiar with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)—the service and technics that most web sites use to reach top rankings. However, there are some companies who choose to do SEO alone and as a result lose out on getting focused on their business.

If you, as a company owner, want to do it alone, you need to ask yourself which keywords you want to promote, where and how you want to put backlinks for them?

In SEO REPUBLIC’s own survey, almost all company’s owners said they do not know how to promote their web sites in GOOGLE, while a small group of them admitted they are trying to do this themselves.

The most SEO companies in Canada offer packages or sets of services. These companies would create a certain number of backlinks to customer’s web sites for a fixed amount of money. However, they do not take their work a step forward to check its effectiveness with search engines.

When such web sites do not get a high ranking on search engines, it proves that they don’t enjoy a substantial amount of website traffic, proving thereby that the service provider’s package is too limited for their growth and does not merit the money they pay the SEO Company for his services.

There are some SEO companies who ask for more money that would cover not just the initial costs of adding links to customer’s web sites but also for monthly maintenance. However, this does not fetch customers high search engine rankings and often, they are even thrown out of the search engines completely. Such SEO companies will take all the money from customers upfront and will not work concertedly to push up your rankings.

This behavior is not going to help customers achieve their goal of being #1 in GOOGLE. The competition out there is tough and competitors will do everything to promote their websites.

SEO REPUBLIC proposes another more effective way to promote your web site in GOOGLE. It works if companies or customers will pay depending on their search engine rankings, Pay Per Results only innovative SEO method.

So, beginning with a small budget and depending on how your position improves on search engine rankings, you will earn more and have enough money for further web site promotion. By this means, you can achieve your “first” position in GOOGLE.

This method of working achieved good results in different parts of the world and it has worked wonders because the SEO company earns based on the clients performance and the customer achieves his goal of being No. 1 on search engine rankings. Today (2012), a small company pays an initial fee of about $250-$350, while others offer packages starting at $350. These include 25 links to a company’s web site and 10 keywords phrases. And there are those that offer about 200 links on promising sites. If a company’s site shows good rankings and generates confirmed customers, the customer or company can easily spend a  more on advertising.

Despite all the efforts of a SEO service company, it’s difficult to infer just how successful a company is on the Net in terms of optimization. SEO REPUBLIC has three mathematicians to track changes on the Internet and keep adjusting the formula as close as possible. Five more people are certified specialists by Google. Add to this 20 staff members to monitor results and to build links to our Client’s web sites and you will see why SEORepublic is a good choice for you.