Importance of Developing Website Marketing SEO for Internet Success

Steps to develop a website marketing strategy.

Website marketing strategy is a creative process that is incredibly important for website success. There are tools, tactics and objectives that are included in this marketing process, such as product branding and the knowledge and understanding of the client group and core market.

Even before starting to develop a website marketing SEO strategy, it is important to have all of the website elements fully established and prepared to be presented to the public. It is an undisputed fact that a website is the first visible presentation of a company, business and products – and it is important to make sure that this first impression potential customers will have of the company, the business, the products, etc. is excellent.

Elements to consider when thinking of the visual appeal of the website are things such as web page aesthetics, the easy approach to different content on the website (different categories of products, different specific products) and purchase appeal: simply put, how appealing the content (products) looks to attract customers to make a purchase.

Website marketing SEO elements

It is safe to say that one of the most important elements of every website marketing SEO strategy is good website design so that the website is easily found on all major search engines. This ensures high website ranking in search results and, consequently, more and more visits to the website – and it is well known that with high visibility comes high results.

Once the website is ready to be marketed, the owner can take steps toward developing a website marketing strategy that is designed to target a specific audience. There are numerous different strategies and techniques to market a website, such as remarketing or PPC – paid per click marketing. Search engines are the most important and most common source for aimed visiting online – research has shown that almost 90% of all visitors that come to websites come from search engines. Search engine optimization is a long term solution for good natural positioning of a website on search engines.

Optimization includes competition analysis, determining keywords (terms and phrases that are business relevant and that are usually used in searches), adjustment of the website with the goal to increase availability and recognition of search engine mechanisms, and connecting the website with other similar ones for marketing purposes.

Social Media Marketing as another successful website marketing tool

Social media has already proven to be a strong marketing tool, so it is a safe-proof tool to be used when wanting to increase website visibility and online success. Twitter and Facebook are unavoidable for a new business because they function in a way to attract people according to their interest. Basically, the entire platform works on searching for common interests and pointing people into a specific direction. This is definitely worth investing in and taking advantage of. EdgeRank is one of the most important algorithms when it comes to website marketing. Despite this fact, very few people know about it and use it accordingly.

EdgeRank is the algorithm that Facebook uses to determine what shows up in their users’ News Feed. There is numerous information available to Facebook users, and the News Feed  is the order of how they show up.

It not only determines which user connections are the most important ones, i.e., what content will most often be presented in a user’s News Feed, but also what type of content should appear more often than others.

Social media optimization is incredibly important for everyone who wants to be successful in website marketing. Those who want to promote certain products or services, or do Facebook campaigns (and there are a billion active users on Facebook every month!) should understand how this algorithm functions. Understanding the rules of the algorithm and adjusting your tactics according to the system will make a core difference between success and failure in this type of website marketing.

Unlike many other algorithms that change website marketing, EdgeRank isn’t that sophisticated, but this doesn’t mean that one should underestimate its basic simplicity. Its importance is even more evident when you consider the fact that it is a predecessor to many newer social algorithms such as Google + or Twitter Top Tweets. With successful understanding of how Facebook aggregates, sorts and gives priority to social content, it is much easier to predict how other alternatives will work.

Besides, considering that social signals are a part of SEO, understanding how Facebook relates to them is very useful!

Why EdgeRank?

Why is the News Feed algorithm named EdgeRank? It is so because every part of the content or interaction on Facebook is known as the “Edge.” So, updating status, Like status, Uploading photos, etc. – everything is Edge. Every interaction with Facebook is Edge. EdgeRank is the algorithm that determines the content users see when they login to Facebook. When engaging in website marketing on Facebook, EdgeRank is something that should be taken into consideration, and with full understanding of it, applied as part of a Facebook marketing approach.

Google Analytics – an often neglected, but worthy marketing tool

Google Analytics isn’t used that often in website marketing, and this is something that is worth changing. Website result analytics will provide valuable information on how marketing strategy can be tweaked and improved for the benefit and success of the business, and this is something that should be done throughout the application of certain marketing strategies – not just at the end of the process.

When Google Analytics is integrated with website SEO, it will enable easy insight into which optimization measures work and which don’t, as well as where the website needs additional optimization for better marketing results.