Attract quality backlinks for your website

Tips how to attract quality backlinks and a higher listing within the SEO.

Website owners are usually concerned with ways to follow the best search engine optimization (SEO) practices in order to get a high listing for their websites. However, that is not the only thing that the website owners should be focusing upon. The SEO practices will definitely help attract traffic and user attention, but it’s the backlinks that can do the magic to help drive even more traffic to the website. Backlinks are a part of SEO and having some quality backlinks within a particular website not only helps with its listing but also attracts a higher amount of traffic.

Most people would think that it is technical and a hassle job, so better to just gain access to one or two backlinks and be done with it. That is not how it is. The flow of traffic coming towards the website is being determined by these backlinks so it is imperative to have quality backlinks for the website that actually bring in more users. It is important to note that gaining access to these quality backlinks is not that difficult either.

Here a few tips that will help website owners gain an idea of how to place quality backlinks within their websites and attract more traffic.

  • Try writing a blog post with a list. List blogs are all the rage these days and people just love sharing and reading about things like ‘ten foods that will lead to a flat stomach’ and ‘5 tips on becoming a millionaire’. A survey conducted by Fractl and Buzzstream concluded that the posts which are shared most on social networks are all list blogs.
  • If list posts are not the way one wants to go, then there is another alternative that can be quite as successful. Writing a guide to something can be very useful when it comes to attracting the attention of a user. Guides such as ‘how to startup an e-commerce business’ or something like ‘how to build a gazebo within a backyard’ can be quite a hit with social media users. They may require more effort and time than any other blog post, but the results will also be more fruitful.
  • A definitive and ultimate guide to anything can prove to be quite useful when the time comes. Suppose a discussion on that particular topic arouses on the social media, then one can just post a link to their content and enjoy the attention it garners. If the post is written well and actually contains useful information about the topic, then other people on social networks will share it further and repost it, thereby creating backlinks to the website.
  • Try using infographics. While infographics may not be ‘in’ these days and have definitely lost some their popularity, they still retain top position in viral content which is shared on social media. One must try and use them in a way that looks interesting to the users and attracts their eye. Another way to ensure that the content is shared among more and more users is to use infographics which are particular to a topic that is relevant and something that people care about.
  • Try and gain the attention of an influential person to your post. An influential person like a celebrity or a well-known businessman can help bring the kind of attention that will lead to creation of backlinks. However, endorsement by an influential person can be quite a lengthy task and something which relies primarily on chance.
    So what you can do to gain the attention of a high profile person, that first you must follow them on any social network, and then write about the impact of something they might have done or said on your life. If you are genuine in your expression, then you might get a reply back or a query asking for more information. This could be your chance to introduce your posts or blog to that person in order to give them a better idea about yourself. If done properly, this could lead to your post being shared and generating backlinks for you.
  • Engaging your entire community can help bring in more attention and traffic to the website. Try offering something through your content that cannot be easily found on the internet. This will help create quality backlinks and increase traffic.

These were some of the tips from SEOREPUBIC that website owners and content writers might find helpful when it comes to having quality backlinks and a higher listing within the SEO.